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Retail Voice

Our retail voice products are designed by team Impreza’s experts for patrons who are looking for premium quality voice and 24/7 customer services, it delivers end-to-end international coverage to more than 1,500 destinations, including more than 700 fixed and mobile routes that are selected and dynamically managed to provide stability and voice quality for retails operators, Hubbing Traffic for Mobile Operators and consumer voice-over-broadband (VOB) providers.

Mobile Applications

The Mobile Apps feature of Impreza App Service gives enterprise developers and system integrators a mobile-application development platform that's highly scalable and globally available. We care about making our designs pixel perfect. We strive for simplicity and focus our design on being used by people. We provide in-house native app development for all major platforms and devices, including Apple and Android smartphones. Creating applications that are optimised to take full advantage of the device is the pinnacle to ensuring the best user experience.

Wholesale Voice

We are one of the fastest growing wholesale carrier within Europe specializing in A-Z termination through our network of 100+ active interconnection which includes Tier1 Operators, Retailers and MVNO’s across the globe. Wholesale voice is one of our most insistent service through which we offer the maximum number of our routes to customers which are both competitively priced and quality centric. Our product range offers Direct termination to multiple countries in the world, partners direct and stable wholesale routes. With Asia, Africa and Latin America being our strongest areas, we specialize in Premium Gold A-Z and Wholesale Silver A-Z.

SMS services

When you need to send short and accurate messages to customers, partners, or employees, SMS text messaging represents a cost-effective, efficient and secure way to communicate. We will provide your business with the highest quality SMS services at a very low cost. It’s worked for thousands of companies, from small businesses to large PLCs; more than a hundred marketing and advertising agencies, and some of the UK and Europe’s best-known brands. Impreza’s SMS Hub solution enables a broad international SMS coverage for mobile operators, MVNOs and other SMS service providers through multiple, dedicated SMSCs worldwide. Providing you with a single point of contact to deliver worldwide SMS coverage, the Impreza Global’s SMS Hub resolves any interoperability issues. It also reduces the cost by connecting to independent SMS hubs available in the industry.

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Impreza Global LTD is a part of Impreza Group which is a Telecom investment firm with major role in the Retail voice segment within Europe and Middle East. We have successfully launched our wholesale voice services earlier this year and are growing rapidly with the support of our retail partners Traffic originating through our retail products from Europe & Middle East being our strength, we are keen to add up more consistent and reputed partners to our wholesale portfolio to strengthen and expand our global reach. Our services include Wholesale Voice, Retail Voice, SMS hubbing, Mobile Applications and VAS.


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